Roulette Royal

Roulette is one of the biggest table games that is played around the world and has become very popular at Amatic Casinos because of the excitement it brings. Roulette is a game of chance, thrills and pure adrenalin. The game is based around a spinning wheel on this you will see numbers from 0 to 36, these numbers are what will create your win. Roulette is a very easy game to win and by placing the right bet a very easy game to win quite large amounts. So your Roulette Royal table is quite easy to read, you will have your betting area with the numbers from 0 to 36 laid out then you will see around these numbers your outside bets so these are pretty simple also, you can place a bet on red or black, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sections or you can place a bet on odd or even. Having all of these bets available on the table can be quite exciting for a player, you will find that some people will have their lucky numbers or some will play a random spin and hope for the best, the great part is you never know what is going to come out and it creates a very intense game and this is what makes it so popular among players at online casinos. So the most common way of playing at the Roulette Royal table will be to play direct and split numbers, a direct number is as simple as it sounds you will place your chips directly on to a number, a split bet is where you select two numbers that are next to each other at the betting table and you will place your chip on the line that divides the, on doing so you will split your bet amount between the two numbers. This can also be done as a corner bet where you place your chip on the lines that split four numbers and this will place a bet on all four numbers. There are so many ways to bet a Roulette wheel that you have more chances of winning, and the best part is that you can place your chips on as many numbers as you like. The Roulette Royal table you will find at Amatic Casinos is very fun to play, considering the game itself has a very great amount of excitement to it already you will get such a great rush when you play this brilliant online version. You will always find that when you enter a live roulette wheel at an online casino, or you visit a land based casino that the roulette wheel is always surrounded by players, it is a big game that will give out big wins it is all based on luck. The whole outlook of the table game is attractive and well recognized, you will always see the same when you enter a casino, with the numbers on the table being red and black and with zero always being green. Roulette Royal is very different to other table games that are played in online casinos such as Blackjack, there is something about the game that always makes you want to go back for another spin.

Bonus Features

The game of Roulette Royal does not hold any type of bonus feature like you would see in maybe an online slot game such as Wild Shark. Now although there is no bonus feature in the table game there is a different style of playing, you can select to play the race bet this will change the look of your betting area and will open a few different betting choices for you. So rather than seeing the block of numbers laid out you will then see it turn into a sort of racetrack look, so your numbers will be circles around the table and you will place bets from the outside, then on this inside you will find your side bets where you can also place your chips. Here you will find some different games to play these can be the zero game or the big series. S with this and the side bets available you will see that there are many features available when you play. This is what makes the game of Roulette Royal so exciting, there are so many different ways of placing bets and great ways to create a better outcome from your game. So have some fun while playing at an Amatic Casino with the brilliant Roulette Royal table.

The Quality Of Roulette Royal

The quality of Roulette Royal is quite great, you will get that great casino feeling when you load up the table. You will be able to place your bets quickly as it is laid out pretty well so that you know where everything goes. The great part about the game of Roulette is that it is so simple to understand, there is not really much thought that goes into playing as you will just be selecting a few numbers or a section and choosing your bet amount. On doing so you will spin the wheel and then its all in the name of luck. The best part about playing Roulette Royal is that it is an online game, if you were to play either a live game of roulette or you were playing in a land casino then you will see some differences. Firstly will be the timing that you have to place bets, a live wheel at an online casino will give you a limited amount of time to get your chips on the table, this is still quite easy because although there are other players at the wheel you still have your own betting station. In a land based casino your betting will also be on limited time but it is made that bit harder because you will have other players at the table trying to put their chips down. With Roulette Royal the bets are made by only you and the software is what creates the spinning of the wheel so you have your own time to place bets and get a more satisfying game. You will love the look of this game and will get a great experience from it, so enjoy all that Roulette Royal has t offer you.