Blackjack is a very well known table game, you will find that it is played in many countries across the world and you will see the extremely popular game in any land based or online casino that you visit, and this will include the brilliant Amatic Casinos.

The game of Blackjack is very simple to play, the rules are pretty basic and you will find that the table game is quite popular because of the fact that the player has the advantage against the dealer.

This game of Blackjack is brought to you by Amatic industries and you will find that it has great detail and will show you a very good game when you come online. The way that the game of Blackjack works is very easy, in an online version you play just you and the dealer, which is quite different to a land based casino or a live game where there can be up to 7 players at the table with you.

You will have your first card dealt face up, then the dealer will also have a card dealt face up so you can see what they hold. You will then be dealt your second card, the value of the cards will be added up to give you a total number, this is when you will make a decision of whether to stand, hit or double if you have a value of 9 or higher. If the dealer has been dealt an ace you will be given the option of insurance, this means that if the dealer does get Blackjack you will get a portion of your bet back so you do not feel like you have completely lost.

The dealer must hit on the value of 16 and must stand on the value of 17, this is where you get the higher advantage, because of the fact that you can see what the dealer’s first card is you will have an idea of what decision you should make so that you end up with the better hand and win.

You can receive Blackjack while you play and this will pay out at 3 to 2. All other wins will pay out at 1 to 1, so as said it is very easy to figure out how the game of Blackjack works. In the Amatic version of Blackjack you will have the option to play three hands at a time, you can of course play just one or two and it is all about your preference. Having this option means that you will have more chances of getting a winning hand in the game, and even though you can play three hands yourself the dealer will only receive one.

The hands will be played separately, and you will have to place down chips for each separate bet that has been placed, you will also need to pay extra chips if you were to double your bet. Doubling your bet is very easy if you have a 9 or higher you will simply select the double bet option, your bet will be raised and you will only receive one card, and on a more obvious note if you do double your bet you will get double the win if you do. Blackjack is a great game and you are sure to have an enjoyable time playing it at your Amatic Casino.

Bonus Features

In Amatics Blackjack game you will not find that there are any types of bonuses that can be played, however when you look at the game you will find that the insurance bet is quite like a bonus. Having this available in the game of Blackjack means that if you were to lose the hand you will still take something away with it, you do need to buy your insurance but it pays out at 2 to 1 if the dealer does get Blackjack.

This can make the player much happier because in a hand where they should have lost they have gained something from it. So you could look at the insurance as a way of receiving some sort of bonus from the table game.

You will find that a lot of well played table games to not have a bonus round in them such as Roulette Royal where it is a straight through table game, if you are looking for bonus features then you would be much happier playing the slot games that Amatic have on offer like Eye Of Ra. But when you look at the game of Blackjack you will find that in most cases the player does have the biggest advantage, and this is what makes the fun table game quite appealing.

When you play at an Amatic Casino you will find tat bonus features appear a lot more in the online slot games but you can still have plenty of fun with what is on offer at the Blackjack table.

The Quality Of Blackjack

When you come to an Amatic Casino and play at the Blackjack table you will find that it has a great style to it, a crisp green table with a nice layout. When we come to an online casino to play our favorite table games, even though it is an online game we still want to get that real casino feeling from the game.

Well Amatic have conquered this with their game of Blackjack, you will still get the same rush that you would find in a land based casino when those wins come in.

The table will show all of your chips at the bottom, and each will have a different color to represent the amount that it holds, you will select your bet amount and simply place them in the betting area at the table, it is fun and has a great style to it.

This is exactly what we look for when we play online, and some of us do choose to play online because it can be a more relaxed environment to play in, this is the feeling you will get with the anticipation lifted when the wins do come in. Blackjack is a very simple game that shows you a very good experience, so having the Amatic game available will give you an even better time with a well detailed and fun version of the classic Blackjack table game.

If you are a regular Blackjack player then you will already understand the workings of the game yourself and will really enjoy the table that this game is provided on, for those who are new to playing Blackjack you will love the easy layout that this table offers so that you will always get a straight through table game that is very easy to understand with everything in clear view.

If you are a fan of the Blackjack table and you are a regular at the Amatic Casinos then why not give it a go next time you log in.

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